Growing Businesses as a HubSpot Partner

HubSpot is one of the world’s best known providers of CRM and marketing automation. Their industry leading reputation is well deserved, stemming from their innovative use of inbound marketing. As an agency committed to this approach, Loop Marketing naturally decided to become a certified HubSpot partner. Here’s why HubSpot’s core principles were appealing to us — and how we use HubSpot and its methodologies to best serve our clients.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is technically a CRM, but with a twist: it allows you to integrate marketing, sales, and service in one place. This integrated approach “closes the loop” between initial outreach and the post-purchase customer phase. In traditional marketing, you move your leads down the sales funnel and once they become customers that's it. Either your service team picks them up or you simply move on to acquiring new leads.

This leaves a disconnect for customers and an inconsistent quality of service. At Loop, we believe marketing has to be directly integrated into the entire business process to be successful. The platform allows you to utilize various “hubs” within your business ecosystem, so rather than viewing business as a conveyor belt of leads-turned-customers, you can provide a more meaningful, valuable experience for them with HubSpot’s diverse tools.By partnering with HubSpot, we are able to improve our clients' overall traffic and sales, as well as build brand reputation.

The secret of all of this is inbound marketing, which is at the heart of the HubSpot methodology. 


Why Inbound Marketing is Critical for Businesses

The problem with traditional, funnel-based marketing, as we mentioned above, is that it doesn’t prioritize the customer’s journey. The focus stays on the business and its goals, and the customers are just a mechanism for that growth. HubSpot understands that what’s good for the business is good for the customer, and vice versa.

While the concept of inbound marketing has been around for years, HubSpot has refined this methodology into a powerful concept: the flywheel. Instead of the traditional “Awareness – Consideration – Decision” buyer journey, HubSpot allows businesses to move prospects and customers through a circular pattern: “Attract – Engage – Delight.” The idea is to create a loyal customer base who will not only continue purchasing from the business, but also refer their personal network to it becoming brand evangelists. 

978159_LoopFlywheelGraphic_TransparentBackground_Opt1_021621 In short, inbound marketing creates a sustainable lead generation machine while boosting each customers’ lifetime value — all while maximizing the effectiveness of more traditional outbound methods (paid ads, cold calls, etc.).


Why We Chose Hubspot

1. Every Business is Unique

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work. For example: a loyal customer may be defined differently in a company that uses a subscription model compared to one focused on single sales. Service-based businesses rely heavily on referrals and positive reviews online, so the traditional CRMs don’t suit them well.MH1_Attract Attention

2. Automation & Integration

The foundation of Loop is the ability to make our client's lives easier and more efficient. We integrate, automate, and systematize. HubSpot is incredibly customizable, so we can integrate whichever tools you want — SEO, social media, chat, proposals, etc. — and the platform allows businesses to track all marketing and sales activities in one place.MH2_Convert Leads_EN

3. Reports & Dashboards

Closed Loop Marketing relies on the ability to identify what is working and what isn't. The numbers are critical, building out dashboards in Hubspot that provide businesses critical insights is a breeze.

The Hubspot Dashboards and Reports allow for a bird’s-eye view of your entire business. This is essential to inbound marketing.

This allows us to answer questions such as:

  • What content is attracting your most qualified leads?
  • When is the best time to email them?
  • How can you keep current customers engaged?

Plus, you can automate the tedious tasks that suck up your marketing and sales teams’ time.

Previously, this level of automation and integration was limited to expensive enterprise solutions that only suited big businesses.

At Loop Marketing, we believe that SMEs(Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) deserve to grow as well! That means building a streamlined system that pumps in leads, converts them into loyal customers, then keeps them engaged so that they will actually become the business’s best promoters. 

MH3_Report and Customize_EN

Our Role In HubSpot for Your Business

As a certified HubSpot partner, we are extensively trained to onboard clients to HubSpot and help them configure the platform in a way that works for them. We'll work with you to setup your workflows and put a sustainable growth strategy into action. Going inbound often leads to large increases in revenue simply by saving time and improving customer retention!

Our clients aren’t the only ones who benefit. By using HubSpot, the Loop Marketing team can spend less time building customizations and integrations from scratch. Now, we have more time to work on strategy and serving our clients. HubSpot gives us incredible data and automations to help us guide our clients toward success.
Plus, we’re able to offer fully transparent pricing to our clients — with better rates to boot! HubSpot is also very generous with its partners. We’ve been given exclusive access to training, industry news, and a network of marketers, which further helps us serve our clients with cutting-edge tactics and data-driven strategies.

If you're ready to scale up your business with HubSpot, send us a message to learn more.

HubSpot lives up to its reputation as a premier all-in-one CRM solution, especially because it’s much more than that. It’s an ecosystem in which your small-to medium-sized enterprise can grow, thanks to big-business tools and the customer-friendly nature of inbound marketing. If you’d like to generate more revenue and build your loyal customer base, reach out to us for a free professional trial of HubSpot’s sales and marketing hub. We’ll help you configure the system to suit your goals and needs — and set you on the road to sustainable success!

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