Tech Feature: Speech to Text Transcription is a California-based technology company that develops speech-to-text transcription applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. was launched in January 2020.

Otter Automated Voice to Text Transcription


Loop Marketing Tech Feature: Demo of Otter


Alex Gervais is the founder and president of Loop Strategic Marketing, and this is his review of Speech to Text Transcription. Otter is just one of the many tools that we use at Loop to make our work more efficient. We are always on the lookout for new software programs to automate aspects of our work. Client meetings are a big part of our daily life as a digital marketing agency and has helped us to:

  1. Improve productivity by automating note-taking
  2. Focus more on the conversation and client deliverables
  3. Ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked

As you watch the video, you can follow along with the raw unedited text transcription below. As you can see, it's not perfect, but Otter does a great job of catching the key points in any conversation. The Otter text transcription also offers a searchable database that highlights key phrases, making it easy to jump back and review key points in the conversation.


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View The Raw Unedited Text Transcription:

Alex Gervais 0:00

To add the record buttons we click here, and you can see there's a note that's created and you can see that my voice is being written as we're going through here. It's not perfect but it's pretty bang on. So let's talk about why, why we use otter and how we use it. So really, at this point we pretty much use it for all meetings, internal meetings, whether you know, we're collaborating on a client account whether we're you know just brainstorming getting some ideas, or we're doing client meetings where we're really starting to to work into a project and you'll get some feedback and ask questions about a client account or going through let's say you know a website update changes that kind of thing. So, the reason why we use it is shorter memory is obviously always going to be a challenge. There's so many things going on when we're in the middle of a call, you know we're talking where we're saying okay well we can do this this this this this, it's very very easy to forget things drop things and really what what we always are what I've always wanted, is just a way to kind of like capture everything, and just parse out the relevant information and then put it into our project management software and really execute on the client projects. So then, how have I tried to solve this in the past, I've tried to take diligent notes, write furiously, while we're in client meetings and the biggest pain point that I've seen there is, you lose that conversational flow. We're talking and then while somebody's saying something or the client saying something and you're typing and saying okay what do we say okay this this this this this and it just looky loos that kind of flow where we really kind of find like the magic of ideas when when we're doing marketing or is it okay well I want to change this feature on the website, great and I think would be a good idea as we add this element to it. Awesome, well if I have to slow down the pace and type out everything line by line, it just doesn't have like the same flow, which makes it very, very difficult to just have that that relationship and really make sure obviously you're getting to the end result that that we all want is you know, great marketing, you know, high quality design and really making sure everything flows together to, to build the client's business so.

So that's always been a pain points and that we've always wanted to figure out so then the second thing so how do we try and solve that brought on team members where you kind of have shadow meeting guests that are taking notes so whether you know us or our team members on you know, our team that are sitting so it works, and it's something that has that was definitely effective and had helped but the problem is now you need two people in every single meeting. And then from there, there's also that, that dynamic change when you have somebody that isn't necessarily actively engaged in the conversation, but he's there kind of taking notes and just kind of throws things off changes things a little bit. The other piece is, you're also relying on that person's brain to to pull out the relevant information that you need to take away so when I'm, you know, leaving an account I really want to make sure that we have kind of our task list, we know what we need to do like I have what I want to make notes on, and I kept constantly thinking, making sure that everyone's hearing the same thing. So we have to like otter, you can really see that everything is just ingested within the system. And if you don't need it. Fantastic. We have tons of meetings where you know the actions are so crystal clear that we don't need to review the audit call logs, but let's say now we're a month down the road where you know, a day down the road, depending on how busy things are. And it's like, okay, what do we say there what do we want, and then we can just quickly go back and reference so we have the note here, so I'd say, you know, demo of otter is what we would say, You know this is, Once we're done the call.

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